For Holy Week

Despite the beauty and tragedy of Easter, Holy Week is often trampled under the weight of routine. Sunday dinner and egg hunts (while beautiful) can distance followers of Jesus from experiencing the power of this time in the Church year. Other people are too busy wrestling with doubt toward the resurrection to contemplate the sacrifice and victory of Jesus.

We created Garden to help you experience Easter in a fresh way. Garden is a three part movement. Friday enters Lament as Jesus is crucified. Saturday sits with the doubt that comes along with a savior in the grave. And Sunday explores the hope offered by the impossible story of an empty tomb. Finally, we offer a guided centering prayer to sit with God.

Garden features contributions by Rob Bell, Rachel Held Evans, Amena Brown, Gungor, Science Mike and others.

We hope this liturgy can help you move toward God this season.

Grace and Peace,

The Liturgists