A Place to Belong 

What is The Liturgists Gathering?

It's a safe place to have honest discussions about doubts, hopes, fears, and faith. A place where no question is off limits, but you can find a burgeoning community of people who will welcome you with all your strangeness.  A place where the unlikely gather around a table and find they belong.

We're only going to two cities this year, and seating is limited. Reserve your place today.

The Liturgists Gathering is hosted by Lisa Gungor, Michael Gungor, and Science Mike. We'll have presentations, guided discussions, and times of singing. This is a time for you to connect in person with voices you hear on The Liturgists Podcast.

The Liturgists Gathering provided an authentic, honest and beautiful space- the transcendent presence of God alongside the questions and doubts and an amazing diversity of thought and experience where I could let out a spiritual sigh of relief and be me.
— Rachel
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At The Liturgists Gathering I encountered the Kingdom of God alive in the stories of fellow artists, rebels, thinkers, and doubters. My hope was refreshed. I will never forget.
— Walker

What happens at THe Liturgists Gathering?

An intimate, safe environment

The Liturgists Gathering is smaller than other conferences–intentionally. The small size allows everyone to be heard.


New Friendships

Many people have a longing for a faith community, but have been hurt by the church. At The Liturgists Gathering, you'll meet other people who want to follow Christ, and want to connect to others without judgement.


Science, Faith, and Art

The Christian faith is often seen as antagonistic toward modern science and out of touch with meaningful art. The Liturgists Gathering is centered around the intersection of Christian thought, scientific insight, and profound art.

What people are saying

Although I still felt lost in the wilderness, at The Liturgists Gathering I felt like the desert maybe wasn’t so lonely after all. That there were other nomads and exiles in that expanse, and they welcomed me in with open hearts and arms.
— Sarah
The Liturgists Gathering, for the first time in quite a while, made me feel as though I belong. Not just to a small group of open and like-minded believers and doubters, but it gave me a picture of a global church that I can honestly believe in again, and belong to proudly.
— Joseph
The Liturgists Gathering was something I couldn’t afford to miss out on. It’s completely in the name: no one is unwelcome, all have a place, no idea is out of bounds. Why? Because God is honored most when we seek Him, and The Liturgists understand that “seeking” takes on more forms than one can imagine.
— Tyler


Friday NIGHT

Session 1: Welcome - Who are you?

Session 2: Singing & Sharing


Session 1: Worship

Session 2: The Science and Practice of Prayer

Session 3: Discussion - Spiritually Homeless and Frustrated

Session 4: Walking With Doubt


Seating is limited and these are all the Gatherings for 2016. Don't miss your chance.