Oh Light

by The Liturgists

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In the Church calendar, the Advent season is the four weeks leading up to Christmas, and Christmas is a twelve day season that begins on Christmas Day.

This is the time of year we celebrate the coming and birth of Jesus, a baby the church says is God incarnate. But what does "God with us" mean, anyway?

Oh Light is a liturgy for Advent & Christmas that explores the tension between God and humanity by examining the story of a baby who is said to be both. It's a work that will affirm and challenge both the believer and the skeptic, and meets the listener wherever they stand.

We hope you'll be as touched by this work as we are.

Oh Light features contributions by Gungor, All Sons & Daughters, Sleeping At Last, Jason Morant, Amena Brown, and Science Mike.

iTunes and other stores are closed to new music through the holidays, so Oh Light won't be available anywhere else until the new year.

he tracks on this page are preview length. The songs on the album are full length.